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"Carl Cramer memorial"

Design study for an memorial competition, invited call from the city culture council, Leipzig, Germany. Teamwork Kunert's with graphic designer Harald Alff. Second, non realised place.

The live of Carl Cramer and his outstanding, honours character in his support of the group "20's July", the failed assassination of Hitler ( Cramer was executed), should be symbolized by the graceful up-going bow of the stainless steel column. The ground shape is a triangle, based on the triangle mark for political and ethnic enemies and prisoners during the Nazi period.

The 45 degree angel cut at the upper end shows the triangle with the reflection of the daylight. The base of the sculpture is located in a bowl shaped hollow, out of dark granite paving stones. Cramer's name is written on to it in bronze letters, also his vita data's and a description of the person. The hollow is framed by an crater like wall of earth, gently connecting the memorial aerial with the surrounding park.

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