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Master Degree Work


The following documentation describes Kunert's master degree work "Tempus fugit"- Time passes by.

The two lithographs and the pencil drawings are part of a series, composed at the bedside of the artists father during the last two weeks of his life. Together they build the theme and the emotional basis for grappling with the reality of death, mortality and the fleeting nature of time. Kunert added six kinematics objects to the graphic documentation and the installation.

The presentation and the defense of the project took place at the end of January 1997 in exhibit hall of the Academy for Fine Art Leipzig (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst).


"Evolution- Involution"
"Circle of life"
"Search of meaning"
"The Power"

"Desire for Youth"

A rusty hay turning machine is hanging over pile of kernels which have been formed in a circular shape. Under the machine lay three female bodies (remoulded in plaster) which seem to swim in the kernels of wheat, surfacing and diving again. The shadow of the machine casts itself over the body outlines. The bizarre old machine, which has been robbed of its functionality and weight by the fact that it is hanging, is a symbol of old age. The six machine arms which protrude can be associated with hands reaching and grabbing. The circle of kernels with the naked, sensuous female bodies symbolize youth and fecundity. The shadow of the machine build a non- material connection between machine and bodies, standing for desire and hope.

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