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Karsten I. W. Kunert  

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Resume K.I.W. Kunert

January 1997 Hochschule für Graphik und Buchkunst Leipzig (HGB), Germany (GER)
January 1997/ December 1995 Royal Academy of Fine Arts (RAFA) Copenhagen, Denmark (DK) Exchange Study in Sculptures, mosaics
1983-86 HGB Leipzig, pre-study Arts Foundation Course
1983-88 Worked as a stage carpenter and stage assistant at the Erfurt Theatre and at the Theatre Leipzig, East Germany
  Requisiteur and stage designer at the School for Drama Arts, Leipzig
1980-82 Stage carpenter apprentice

Solo Exhibitions
Summer 2005 "Cross journey", Paintings/ Graphics/ Sculpture/ Installation, The Haar Mansion, Weimar, GER
March 2005 Water mobile, Hospiz Bad Berka, Thueringia County, GER
October 2003 "New Paintings", Graphic, Paintings
Kassenaerztliche Vereinigung Thueringen Weimar, GER
July 2003 "Reiselust" (Joy of Traveling), Graphic, Paintings, Sculpture,
VBK Galery Kraemerbuecke Erfurt, GER
January 2002 "Hidden Beauty - faces of India", CCAA, paintings,
Cambridge, MA, USA
March 2001 "Hidden Beauty", Lokayata Gallery, New Delhi, India
September 2000 "Couples," Sculptures, Fresh Pond Clay Works, Cambridge, MA
June 2000 "Dance," paintings, Cambridge Trust Company, Cambridge
October 1999 "Mobility," Gallery Zeitgeist, Cambridge
November 1999
"American Residency," Space 12 Gallery, Boston, MA, USA
August 1999 "New Paintings," Center for Adult Education, Cambridge
February 1999 "Amerikanische Bilder," paintings, Scenario, Weimar, GER
July 1997 Stage design: "Comedy of Errors," Leipziger Spielgemeinde, Leipzig, GER
May 1997 Stage design: "The quarrel," Musikhochschule Leipzig
January 1997 Master degree show "Tempus fugit," HGB Leipzig
September 1996 "Works on Underground," Gallery Formbar Leipzig

Selected Group Exhibitions
March/ May 2005 "Dialog- Landscape", German Museum for Gardening, Cyriak castle, Erfurt, GER
November 2004 "Artthür", Art fair Thueringia, Erfurt, GER
October 2004 "Three artists", Ugandan- German Cultural Society, Kampala, Uganda
September 2004 House of the Lords, Monastery Nimbschen, Grimma, GER
August 2004 "Kineticus", Wind mobile, Installation, Kinetik Festival Geldern, GER
August 2004
Paintings/ Graphics/ Ceramic/ Sculpture/ Enamel; with Bettina Schünemann, Thueringia Energy Coop., Erfurt, GER
April 2004
"Guest Performance", Ceramic/ Sculpture/ Enamel ; with Elke Steckhan, Gallery Terra Rossa, Leipzig, GER
October 2003 "City Life, Vida Urbana", Auction & Exhibition, Paintings/ Graphics, Media Arts Building, Roxbury, MA, USA
June 2003 "Hochwasser" (The Flood), Installation, Kunsthof Kroenbacken Erfurt, GER
September 2002 "Three artist", paintings, Gallery Pur Pur, Bad Doberan, GER
May 2002 "Superman in law", paintings, installations, Petershof, Leipzig, GER
May 2000 "Refugees + Immigration," paintings, The Gallery of Social/ Political Art, Boston
April 2000 "Open Studio Show," Sculptures, Mudflat Studio, Somerville, MA, USA
September 1999 "Open Studio Show," Sculptures/paintings, Fort Point Channel, Boston
November 1998 "After the Fall," Sculptures, with Stephanie Cramer, Space 12 Gallery, Boston
December 1997 Exchange Gallery, Acton, MA, USA
June 1993 - 96 Werkschau HGB Leipzig, GER
July 1995 Summer Study Show, Hoyer, Sydjütland, DK

Grants/ Awards
June 1999 Artist in Residence 1999/ 2000, Mudflat Studio, USA
June 1996 Cramer Memorial Contest, second place, Kulturamt Leipzig, GER
September 1996 "Oskar" Sachsen, realization of the award Sculptures, Leipzig
June 1995 Artist's Summer Grant, Sydjütland, DK

Teaching Experience
Spring 2004
Lecture & slide presentation: "Three Female Potters from Thueringia",
Workshop: Figure in clay,

Mudflat Ceramic Studio, Somerville, MA
Lecture & P P presentation: "Palace Ruins: the colossal holiday sea bath of Hitler's Third Reich",
Workshop: "Figure drawing",

Centre for Adult Education (CAEC), Cambridge, MA
Workshop: Enamel with 8 German artists,

City Artists Studio , Erfurt, GER

Autumn 2002
Lecture & slide
"Ceramic in East Germany",
Workshop: Relief and tile design,

Mudflat Ceramic Studio, Somerville, MA
Lecture & slide
"The German Bauhaus- present and past",
Workshop: "Basic nude drawing",

Centre for Adult Education (CAEC), Cambridge, MA
Lecture & slide
"The German Bauhaus- present and past",

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

Spring 2002
Lecture & slide presentation: "Indian (India) ceramic and mural design ",
Workshop: Sculpture and hand building ceramic,

Mudflat Studio

Spring 2001
Lecture: "Design and art scene in Europe and the US"
Workshop: Industry and handmade ceramic and design,

NIFT, National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, India, Accessory Design Department

Spring 2000
class Drawing, Adjunct Professor,

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, USA

Spring/Summer 2000
class Tiles making, Faculty teacher,

Centre for Adult Education, Brookline, MA, USA

1999, 2000
classes Sculpture and hand-building, Faculty teacher,

Mudflat Studio, Somerville, MA, USA

1998, 2000
classes Figure in clay & life-figure drawing , Faculty teacher,

Centre for Adult Education, Cambridge, MA, USA

1999, 2000
3 Workshops Figurative sculpture in ceramic,

CfAE Cambridge

October 1998
Workshop: Figurative sculpture in ceramic,

Mudflat Studio

  Workshops in ceramic, sculpture and nude drawing,

Schaddelmühle Studios, Leipzig/Grimma, GER

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