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Press Reviews

"The TEAG under the Hammer?"
Thueringian artists paintings provoke and fascinate
TEAGRAMM Magazine, Thueringia, page 19, July issue, 2004
"Flight art at the traders bridge"
(Krämerbrücke), Thüringer Allgemeine, Erfurt, 08.02.2003
"Beyond exotics humans discovered"
Kunert's "Joy of traveling" at the Gallery of Thuringia artists association, Thüringer Landeszeitung, Erfurt, 08.19.2003
"The flood in Erfurt"
Artist out of Saxony and Thuringia are working with the substance of the life, Thüringer Allgemeine, Erfurt, 07.10.2003
"Hände und Füße im Windbobile verewigt"
Berliner Abendblatt, 7th of August 2002
"Segel setzen am Helmholtzplatz"
Wochenblatt Prenzlauer Berg 3rd of July 2002
"Kleine Füße, für ewig im Beton"
Berliner Kurier, 24th of June 2002
"Der Spurensucher vom Helmholtzplatz"
Berliner Zeitung, 11th/12th of May 2002
"Karsten's 'Hidden Beauty' unvieled!"
Times of India, 22th - 28th of April 2001
German Artist Finds Beauty In Indian Slums
Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 20th of April 2001
German painter Karsten I.W. Kunert on his works featuring 'ordinary' Indians
EXPRESS Newsline, New Delhi, 17th of April 2001
"America Seen Though the Euyes of an Outsider"
South End News , 28th of October 1999

Penetrating commentary on the American experience offered by a visiting German painter.

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