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Karsten I. W. Kunert  

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"Mors: Column of Death", Wood, ceramic, concrete, glass, 6,8 ft. tall, 1997

The middle section of the obelisk consists of tree trunk wood, which after being reduced to a square shape by a carpenter's lave, was burned. Through this process deep splits and a finely connected surface structure emerged. The base, made from ceramic with the purpose of optically contrasting with the middle section, is darkly glazed, and consists of every- thickening square form made from numerous thin slats.

The molds of two horse skulls, which have been melded into each other, function as the top or the cover of the obelisk. Written on the four glass plates is the word "Mors".

The forms and surfaces as well as the dark colors convey depression and mortality, morbidity and traces of fire. The horse skulls are symbols of death, and are conceived in reference to Germanic symbolic language.

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