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"Nora Roma"

The theatre "Lindenfels", located in the town of Leipzig, Germany, is an impressive building in the style of European art deco, jugendstil. In the beginning of the 1990's it was renovated by a group of young enthusiasts which are running the theatre since then as an non profit organisation, producing self made drama and off- scene performances, and showing independence films at the cinema. All this is an important part for the cultural life of the city. The restaurant "Nora Roma" in front of the main hall belongs to the complex. In '96 Kunert has designed an built an mobile/ cinematic object for the central part of the restaurant ceiling as an contrast work to the room environment.

A group of non symmetric sails made out of steel wire frames covert with transparent paper, printed with silk screen print design, are arranged around an centre axle on steel wirer strings. At the end of an extension is a fan, pushing the mobile forward in slow motion (3 Rpm).

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